the yacht

A warm welcome at the wide lounge with neutral colors that creates a warm and friendly ambience.

On the open decks, guests enjoy the ever-changing view lying under the blue sky


The yacht have two double bed cabins, two twin bed cabins and one cabin with double bed and two extra beds above.

For one day cruise up to 49 Persons.


Mediterranean diet and Greek kitchen are well known as tasteful and healthy.

On Amanda you can expect nothing less than taste, healthy food, plenty of fruits and salads traditional sweets excellent wines and local beverages all in large portions.

the life on a yacht like Amanda

history & myths

Perfectly combines history & myths with sea, sun and real Greek food

swim in clear waters

Swim and snorkel in crystal clear blue waters of aegean and ionian sea

sunbath on the deck

Sunbathe on the deck or seat back and relax under the cool shadow

you and the sea

A comfortable experience far from the crowds and the traffic jam

sunset romance

Sea, sun and yacht make the best sunset romance

no transportation worries

No transportation worries to and from the yacht

Life Aboard Amanda

the deck

The deck was designed with original teak from Burma and it has an incredible velvety texture.

The feeling with the touch of the feet over this material is unique.

the waves

The deck is only 1,5 meters above the waves. The feeling that you travel with the waves is fantastic.

You can feel the sea so close and you think that you, the yacht and the sea is totally united.

the front

One of the main advantages of Amanda is the front deck of the yacht.

It is full of comfortable sofas and a tent that can be removed if you wish. More than 25 persons can sit and enjoy the sea and the sun

the vintage

Feel the past, the vintage feeling on the deck and inside of the yacht.

Every point of this yacht is full of passion of the vintage lovers.

sun and air

Feel the sun and the cool air that all the point of the yacht can offer.

Just the incredible feeling of the air and the sun of the sea.

the company

One yacht, one company. On Amanda you have one deck and all the time you have the contact with your company.But if you want you can choose the front, the back or the inside of the yacht to enjoy your time as you wish.

Amanda experience

Amanda is not only a yacht. It is an experience. Meet the greek hospitality on a classic yacht, explore the secrets of the aegean and ionian seas and taste the greek cousine under the sun
greek islands
ports and marines
greek coastline
unesco monuments

Explore ancient Greece via Amanda

Visit from the sea the most known monuments of ancient Greece. Day or night, with clouds or sun a visit to an ancient monument has a special beauty. Feel the energy of the places and learn the history of the first civilization and culture in Europe

Learn History

Enjoy the sea and the ancient Greece. Learn all the greek history and the legends of mythology by visiting greek ancient monuments. We are here to explain you all the history and the way of thinking of ancient Greeks

Feel the energy

You can feel the energy of the monuments of ancient Greece. Every temple or theater has an incredible positive energy field that you can feel in every point. When you visiting Greece you can feel not only the sea, but all the energy of this country.

see from the sea

See from the sea. Take photos and videos from a different point of view than all the others. Swim and enjoy every moment with the background of a monument.

Ready To Sail


7 Days Tour Of Cyclades

7 Days Tour Of Cyclades

Enjoy many islands and beaches

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7 Days Tour Of Argosaronic Gulf

7 Days Tour Of Argosaronic Gulf

Enjoy islands and other Greek land

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7 Days Of Ionian Sea

7 Days of Ionian Sea

Lefkada – Kerkira- Paxoi – Ithaki – Kefalonia – Zakinthos

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10 Days Tour Of Cyclades

10 Days Tour Of Cyclades

Mykonos, Santorini and much more

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10 Days Tour Of Argosaronic Gulf

10 Days Tour Of Argosaronic Gulf

Aegina, Spetses, Poros, Ydra, Kithira, Elafonissos

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10 Days Tour Of Ionian Sea

10 Days Tour Of Ionian Sea

Explore the Ionian islands

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Create your own route

create your own custom trip and see how many miles will be

We used AMANDA as a business/pleasure getaway and had such a great time we came back two years later for a longer cruise but a different area of Greece. Captain Yanni is the best! we would discuss the weather and what we wanted to do, and adjust our itinerary accordingly, the crew is friendly and accommodating for everything we wanted or needed, and the food is fantastic.


With an elegant group of 10 athenian patricians, we experienced a superb seafairing one-day trip with “Amanda”, in two secluded coves of SE Salamis Island, in the Saronic Gulf, within Athens view: In the first stop, we swam in the pristine turquoise waters of a secluded cove, next to a islet frequented by seagulls and long necked black seabirds! Then, we docked next to an authentic seafront tavern and gorged on a delicious and affordable fresh fish feast!


We spent 5 days aboard the Amanda Yacht and the crew was nothing short of perfection. The captain was very accommodating and flexible to our desires/schedule, the food was incredible (GEORGE!!!) and they knew all the best spots in the Greek Islands, whether you want to party or relax.

John P

All I have to say is thank you for an awesome experience onboard this classic yacht.
Food, service, attention and amenities a total A+++

Anthony A

The Boat is outstanding ! vintage and very well maintained! The crew is very polite and the captain know exactly what he is doing. I am very pleased about my cruise and i recommend it to everyone!


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